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We offer to our website visitors all the issues of RussiafruiT Magazine, which is the informative sponsor for APIEFP. RussiafruiT Magazine is the only Russia B2B publication focused on fresh produce trade, production, storage, logistics etc.

RussiafruiT Magazinу archive (PDF files):


Potato Market - The Biggest Dam in Africa - “Non-chemical” Fruits from Verona - Veronamercatoand MAAP - Why a Website Is Essential for Small Businesses
Russia Reveals Full Extent of EU Potato Ban - Why Chile - Smart Trap - Russian Fruit & Veg Market Yesterday and Today. And Tomorrow?

LazyTown Is Coming to Russia - Elkady: Export Season in Full Swing - Why a Website is Essential for Small Businesses - Improving Aerodynamics - The Two Fruits of Verona, or Geography in Italian - WAPA Predicts Low Apple and Pear Production This Season - The 5th Green Med Forum: “Cooperation to Export the Mediterranean Model” - Goji: Strange Name, Super Fruit - Coming Exhibitions, Conferences, Symposia